Tradeflix App Logo Studies

With the release of the new trading app Tradeflix the product needs a smart logo that stands out among the various competitors and any financial apps.

Visually the logo should communicate: speed, performance and fast trade.


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With a few sketchings I started to realise the real challenge to designing a simplistic yet original app icon/logo – go too simple there's bound to be similar ones out there; go too complex the visual momentum is lost. With some first stage research I also found that monograms will always look familiar since there's always someone who's done those before...

logos of X

I decided that in order to make an original logo one must start to think of what's unique to the product, in our case, it must be the proposed app performance, financial nature, and with the name "Tradeflix" we have "TF", "X", "TFX", etc as variations for the initials.

Second Round Drafting

With a few more rounds of sketchings, we have distilled into the below five final drafts: 1 draft Among these, the below was chosen as the final candidate for its simplicity and originality: final draft