Chloe App Style Update

This is another minor style refactor/revamp project during my early days at 8 Securities.

When the Chloe App was first built, less effort has been spent on its UX aspect, leaving some quite obvious UX glitches and inconsistency. My objective was to revisit all these and implement in a rather short timeframe.

Some of the improvements covered:

  • Better handling of image assets with css filters instead of having multiple duplications of the same image
  • Cleaned up shades of different greys
  • unified use of paddings/margins and a better overall use of spacings
  • Better visual hierarchy with more precise use of typography

Welcome Screen

1 un1AiDed

Goals list page

2 ooPh8sha

Portfolio page

3 muShe2ze

Goal detail page

4 ieR1ahxu

New goal page

5 ue1Ifohl

Achievements page

6 uaGh3oar