Tradeflix App UX Development

Background knowledge/Analysis

Tradeflix's chief objective is to replace the company's trading portal/app, developed back in 2010 and thus leaving a bundle of legacy issues. On its Android version it's merely a browser wrapper that goes to the mobile version of the trading portal, this would definitely lag behind with the current mobile app scene since a lot of native functionalities (such as notification, fingerprint authentication) will be impossible to implement.

With regards to past trading statistics, most of our users place their trading orders on mobile devices. Also 85% of the orders placed are market orders. With these insights in mind, the product team concluded that the new trading app would focus mainly on one aspect: simplicity. With Tradeflix users should be able to place their trading order within a few clicks, anytime anywhere. We also assume that users will have already done their market researches elsewhere therefore the app will strip out any detailed market/stock analysis except the basic fundamentals/charts.

old trading app Snippets of the old trading app, with the obvious legacy style and a lot of performance issues due to its dated architecture, it suffered from poor rating on app stores


After several brainstorming/ideation/discussion session, it was decided that the app would include the following few pages at the first stage:

  • Homepage: Display basic trading statistics and recent searches
  • Portfolio: Drill down of users' portfolio
  • Order ticket: where user place their buy/sell orders
  • Balance: Display account balance and let user perform deposit/withdrawal/conversion operations
  • Watchlist: Allow user to track their own list of stocks
  • Orders, Transaction, Cash Instructions and Notification: list pages to show items of respective types
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tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 01AeBae0ie
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 02agouK0oo
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 03Rea7aech
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 02agouK0oo
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 05meeth9Ee
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 06Eiza5oow
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 07soo3Aiy0
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 08paqua5Da
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 09vooW7Pha
tradeflix wireframe v1 Page 10oe5Aifu8


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01 implementation neu2iJoh
1 implementation Ii4ou6ka
2 implementation Xood5jei
3 implementation Ohdeit9r
4 implementation Me5ohbae
5 implementation Ier4faew
6 implementation IeM6xoch
7 implementation Ees3unge